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Here’s how A Cost Accountant Can Help Your Business

Nov 24 2015

If you have a financial accountant, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need someone skilled and proficient to manage your costs anymore. Financial accounting is all about calculating a company’s assets and liabilities to give a clear picture to its stakeholders, particularly investors, about the current financial standing and how the firm is doing in general.

Lead Partner Identification Rule Coming this December

Nov 17 2015
Lead Partner Identification Rule Coming this December

The PCAOB is close to finishing its long-running effort to publicly disclose the lead partner in an audit, a rule investors say will make auditors more accountable. The regulatory board intends to modify the final rule to respond to audit firms’ concerns about heightened legal liability by asking that the disclosure be made via Form AP, which the board is establishing to satisfy the filing requirement.

Comment Sought on Broker-Dealer Reporting Proposal

Oct 30 2015

The SEC is seeking comment on a proposed rule by the Securities Investor Protection Corp. (SIPC)to have broker-dealers file supplemental reports that include information about their assessments for SIPC’s insurance fund. The supplemental reports have to also include a report from the broker-dealer’s independent public accountant.

Understanding CPA Tax Preparation Responsibilities

Oct 28 2015

Typically, a CPA tax preparer has a lot on his shoulders. He/she needs to get everything done with utmost transparency, honesty and dedication while maintaining the trust levels of the client. It is the primary duty and responsibility of a CPA tax preparer to draft and submit a truthful income tax return to the IRS to avoid penalties, charges and even legal consequences.

Furthermore, tax preparer must also stay abreast of the recent modifications and alterations in tax laws and how they are impacting their client’s business. To do so, they need to have thorough knowledge and understanding of the Federal and State laws.

Helpful Tips for Selecting a Reliable External Auditor

Oct 20 2015
Helpful Tips for Selecting a Reliable External Auditor

When you are running an established business, regardless of how small our big it is, it’s always constructive to get an unbiased, third party review about your business functions and operations. When it comes to the reporting of financial matters, businesses often hire external auditors to review the company’s finances and perform an audit of all the financial statements. They determine how fair and justified the company’s accounting and financing are to back their opinions after thorough evaluations.

Dangers of choosing lowest bidder vs. quality Auditor

Oct 18 2015
Dangers of choosing lowest bidder vs. quality Auditor

The director of a free medical clinic in Columbia, SC, said the first 3 months’ revenue is allocated to his financial audit expense.  That is 25% of a nonprofit's shoe-string budget just to open the doors.  The scenario highlights the perils of making a wrong auditing decision, as most small-to medium-sized companies cannot afford to duplicate the expense.


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