The Significance of External Auditors

Nov 24 2015

Even if you have an internal accountant or a bookkeeper you totally trust, there are countless reasons why you should also hire an external auditor and get your accounts reviewed. We all are well aware of the fact that there is a great importance of auditing departmental finances as well as the overall accounting function of an organization. Nonetheless, by hiring an expert external auditor, you can be on the surer side that all the numbers are accurate and free from any frauds and misappropriations.

As stated earlier, businesses can yield a lot of benefits by having an external auditor review all the financial documents of an organization. To get a thorough understanding of how that can take place, keep reading below:


Auditing is a legal practice, if done legally, whereby the financial practices and instruments of a business are scrutinized to guarantee rightful implementation of generally accepted accounting practices. It also helps in spotting any accounting slipups and the corrective actions that can be implemented to avoid further damage. By hiring an external auditor to fulfill this crucially important role, the auditing process can turn out to be more rhetorical in terms of detecting faults and opportunities, while making certain that the numbers are calculated based on the standard accounting principles.


Getting your books audited by an independent auditing firm or a highly qualified and reputed CPA can escalate your chances of filling the bill for a loan, credit or other investments. Moreover, some business deals merely require internal auditing, but other business sale negotiations are highly conditional to the results of an external audit conducted by an external auditor.

Fraud Discovery

External auditing is a great way of keeping a regular check on how much money is being stolen from your business; rather it stops such unwanted occurrences from taking place. Many times, the internal staff of the organization manipulates with the company’s financial information by falsifying sales invoice, creditor bills, expenditure reports and payrolls. The external auditors start off by auditing the overall finance department. If they spot any miscalculations and potential fraudulent attempts, they will then further scrutinize the departments within.



Many times, small-scale businesses find it difficult to hire CPAs to take care of their financial records regularly. However, by hiring external auditors, small business owners can easily verify their business accounts and learn about newer ways to enhance their processes and procedures. From cash flow to debt-service interest, depreciation of assets and other capital management techniques, there are a lot of things that businesses can benefit from by hiring an external auditor.

At we will connect you to highly experienced and professional external auditors that are capable of fulfilling CPA tax preparation responsibilities with great ease. Browse our CPA directory to find an accountant near you or contact us for further queries.



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