How to Find a Professional Accountant  for Small Business Firms?

How to Find a Professional Accountant for Small Business Firms?

Dec 08 2015



Choosing a professional accountant for a small business is one of the most difficult steps. Realizing that how tight small businesses are with their finances, they aren’t in the position to hire someone incompetent and unprofessional.

If you are the owner of a start-up or an entrepreneur aiming to optimize the financial condition of your 
venture, here’s how you can smartly choose a professional accountant and have them do all the 
dirty work:

Ask Them about Their Experiences of Working with Small Businesses

Unlike large businesses, small businesses have fluctuating and dynamic needs. With so much variations taking place in the financial business sphere, small businesses usually have limited resources to bring stability. A professional accountant who has the right experience and exposure to this kind of dynamism is often the best choice for small firms to fulfill its accounting needs.  The kind of client base an accountant has is enough to determine about his skills and efficiency. Also, try to determine if he has some experience of working with the kind of business structure that you have for example sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC etc.

Industry Knowledge 

There are accountants that have a limited exposure to the kind of industries they work in. Some might be extremely comfortable in working with manufacturing companies, while others are an ace at real estate business. Before you finalize your options, discover about how much knowledge he has about your industry, its policies, operations and economic structure. One of the best things you can do is obtain referrals from other businesses within your industry to get hire an industrially sound professional 


Find out Who Would You Be Working With

Bearing in mind that you are a small business, it’s often best to collaborate with a smaller firm or a professional accountant that can manage a host of financial obligations for you. This is an ideal choice if you are planning to establish a long-term consultative relationship.

Keeping all things aside, remember that you should always be in charge of your taxes and finances. Be on your guard when it comes to working with professional accountants that seem too unrealistic and surreal.  

The best way to find a CPA or a professional accountant is by logging onto and browsing the CPA directory that will help you find an accountant near you! Make sure you give it a try.


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